XRNI file format specifications

Are all the specifics of the .xrni format available anywhere?
There’s interest is importing Renoise instruments into LGPT/piggy tracker but we need some more info. <3

An XRNI is a zip file. Inside the zip file are samples (wav, ogg, …) and an XML with info pointing to them.

The only known “spec” are the XML Schemas (XSD). These are packaged with Renoise in a folder called “Schemas” next to the Renoise.exe (Windows, Linux) or inside the application bundle in Contents/Resources/Schemas (OS X)

They are also available here. Look for RenoiseInstrument*.xsd

Hope this helps.

I would also give a look at the GooleCode page aobut Renoise LUA scripting: the download section (look on the left) has a “starter pack” which contains the whole documentation for Renoise scripting engine, which should help you better understanding how the whole thing works

Thanks, guys. I’ve pointed the interested people to this thread. Any additional ideas and info are welcome!

.xrni is the most straightforward thing in instrument history no doubt.

OK. maybe back when you could only select square or saw or noise it was simpler but looking at a random instrument’s .xml file, everything imho is crystal clear?

I agree, as on offtopic - Ableton switched to clear xml as well with latest versions…