Xrni Format

Can someone tell me if the xrni format has changed with the new release? I have extreme sample convertor 3 and I just want to if my instruments will work when my indamixx renoise license gets upgraded to 2.7. sorry if it is a silly question.



Of course the xrni structure has changed, we never had velocyt layers in the past.

Renoise can still load all older instruments though, so there shouldn’t be a worry. (2.7.1 updated needed for some of the really old, rni ones.)

I don’t think Extreme Sample Converter supported Renoise until very lately (the latest Instrument format??) so 2.7 might be needed to use anything it produces.

The latest Extreme Sample Converter is quite old: 2008-06-18
I doubt it supports the layer functionality, unless registered users are working with a beta under the hood.

My mistake then. Not used or really looked at the program myself but thought people were saying it didn’t have .xrni but were hoping it would with the new instrument format. Obviously I have my wires crossed somewhere and I apologise for the misinformation.