Xrni Microtuner

Nice to see a new person involved, hi Diptera!

Danoise, what’s the word on moving this developement into CVS?

I can put it in there if you give me an update of the script and config file.

Also, give me a file list (full names of the files) to be removed from the presets in the ./tun/ directory of the CVS.

I’d like to package a new released and do a freshmeat announcement by the end of the month, if possible. Including “Microtuner Script” in the hype of a freshmeat broadcast. It would also be good for Renoise 1.9, as a freshmeat announcement creates a shitload of automatic linkage in the open source world.

It would be great if you could add it to the repository, still not entirely sure about the inner workings of CVS. Kind of like a 3-year old that doesn’t want to swim, I expect it will be very useful experience, once you have learned it.
As for duplicate presets, I just looked at them, and I think Diptera has it pretty much nailed down.

BTW: The “end of the month” - is that a flexible deadline? I may require a few days more to prepare a new version of the microtuner (namely the octave spanning feature)

It’s an arbitrary deadline, no worries from me.

We should aslo update the included PHP files to 5.2.5.


After looking at the output of your script, it seems that in order to create a re-tuned XRNI, one needs multiple copies of the same file, because one sample can only have one tuning. This takes up extra storage space, of course, since there are many copies of the same sample in one instrument. Imagine a non-octave-repeating scale like the Bohlen-Pierce scale – you might need one new sample for EVERY note in the XRNI, since no two notes have the exact same tuning offset.

I had an idea for Renoise that could help out microtonal instruments: What if the XRNI had tuning for every single note on the virtual keyboard, rather than just “global fine tuning” for each sample? One could reuse a single sample across a whole keyboard, while each note could have unique tuning. So basically, reference the same sample, but have unique properties for each note (or perhaps the option to switch between “global sample properties” and “note-unique properties”). I suppose this could theoretically affect properties like sample amplitude and panning.

Does this seem possible? Logical? Do you think the Renoise developers might consider it? Also, .scl support would be really nice…

I have tested with the Bohlen Pierce scale, and, yes, its output is complex. But I think you’ll agree that it would be stupid to sit around and wait for Taktik to implement a new instrument format, when the price for microtonal support is a few (thousand) kilobytes of RAM.

The [shared instrument samplepool] change is bound to happen sometime, but there might still not be native support for microtonal instruments by then, so I’d just upgrade the script to the new instrument version.

BTW there’s a forum topic covering this:

I do. I don’t plan to “sit around and wait” – Musicians and clever computer users always find ways to do things within their limitations. Hence your script!

Thanks for the link. I’ll read up.


I’ve spent the last couple of days playing with Scala and Microtuner.

Scala works fine, but for some reason Microtuner makes only 10 notes out of my 12 tone scale.

I’ve made a 12 tone scale very similar to the Pythagorean scale, so it shouldn’t be too hard to make an instrument out of the .tun…

Am I doing something wrong?

Any ideas?

Best regards,


Hi Delight,

with 12 notes it should work, so I guess something must be wrong with the 'tuner…
Can you send the scale file to me - I’ll look into it and see if I can fix it for you!

Thanks danoise,

I’ve sent you a PM.

Links don’t work. If anyone’s interested, the Scala tool and archive can be found here: http://www.huygens-fokker.org/scala/downloads.html

Hey guys, never thought I would be delving into the world of scripts but here I am!!

I just downloaded the microtuner and thusly the xrns utilty.

I thought I did everything correctly as I followed the instructions and was able to get the xrns front end to show up prompting me to locate 1st an instrument(xrni), secondly .tun file, 3rdly an output dest.

I ran the script but no new xrni showed up in the dest dir, nor was the old one modified.

I am using 2.1…as this thread seems a little old…is my version not compatible? Does Renoise have to be running when I use the xrns utility?

Any help would gladly be appreciated.

Hey Tarek,

Sound like something is broken. I’ll check it out, and let you know.

I’ve been wanting to make a proper version of this script anyway, since I switched to a new computer with no plugins. Sample-based music FTW :P

Thx man@fast reply…pls also be aware I might have done something wrong or not done something right! I wasn’t really aware of xrns utility til now!

Check if you can run the script with the console window open, and then post the error message that’s probably displaying?

ahhhhhhhhh…maybe that is the problem…nothing whatsoever in console! as soon as i run script its says execution done as if it didn’t do it!

edit: what i mean is…because the excecution done response happens almost simultaneously with my running the script it seems like script did not actually run…

@Farek-FM : did you get it to work ?

No…the same keeps happening! I don’t know if I installed incorrectly or what as everything seems to be happening as it should except for the creation of the files! Any thoughts?

I’ll will attempt to fix this problem.

Do you have the tuning file (you can simply PM it to me) ?

I don’t have them now, however, they are the 317 files which I believe you uploaded!! Thx for help!! :)