Xrni Microtuner

(Delight) #21

Thanks danoise,

I’ve sent you a PM.


Links don’t work. If anyone’s interested, the Scala tool and archive can be found here: http://www.huygens-fokker.org/scala/downloads.html

(Tarek-FM) #23

Hey guys, never thought I would be delving into the world of scripts but here I am!!

I just downloaded the microtuner and thusly the xrns utilty.

I thought I did everything correctly as I followed the instructions and was able to get the xrns front end to show up prompting me to locate 1st an instrument(xrni), secondly .tun file, 3rdly an output dest.

I ran the script but no new xrni showed up in the dest dir, nor was the old one modified.

I am using 2.1…as this thread seems a little old…is my version not compatible? Does Renoise have to be running when I use the xrns utility?

Any help would gladly be appreciated.

(danoise) #24

Hey Tarek,

Sound like something is broken. I’ll check it out, and let you know.

I’ve been wanting to make a proper version of this script anyway, since I switched to a new computer with no plugins. Sample-based music FTW :P

(Tarek-FM) #25

Thx man@fast reply…pls also be aware I might have done something wrong or not done something right! I wasn’t really aware of xrns utility til now!

(danoise) #26

Check if you can run the script with the console window open, and then post the error message that’s probably displaying?

(Tarek-FM) #27

ahhhhhhhhh…maybe that is the problem…nothing whatsoever in console! as soon as i run script its says execution done as if it didn’t do it!

edit: what i mean is…because the excecution done response happens almost simultaneously with my running the script it seems like script did not actually run…

(danoise) #28

@Farek-FM : did you get it to work ?

(Tarek-FM) #29

No…the same keeps happening! I don’t know if I installed incorrectly or what as everything seems to be happening as it should except for the creation of the files! Any thoughts?

(danoise) #30

I’ll will attempt to fix this problem.

Do you have the tuning file (you can simply PM it to me) ?

(Tarek-FM) #31

I don’t have them now, however, they are the 317 files which I believe you uploaded!! Thx for help!! :)