xrni or sf2, sfz

Hi there,

I am currently changing some things in my workflow and need inspiration/advice. I already did my google research, so I am mainly interested in how YOU do it.

1a. I am on a linux machine. Is there decent support for sf2/sfz available for linux, that you like?
1b. ATM, I am trying to set up some windows vsti via fsthost or vst-bridge, works in a way, but I don’t like it so much.
2a. The xrnis are fun to play with. And I absolutely love pattern effects. Since they work only for the renoise internal sampler, I tend to resample sf2 instruments, which is boring. Any idea how to improve this workflow?
2b. I am aware, there are a few scripts and even a tool and some commercial software to achive that. I played a bit, but was not satisfied with the result, so I stopped playing. Anyone having more luck/fun? Or some tips and tricks?

Thanks for your thoughts!

Regards, Chris

1a. use fluidsynth dssi.
1b. me neither.
2a. i can’t wait for the day when pitch slides, volume commands etc. work on midi and vst/dssi/etc…!!!
2b. no opinion

The reason pitch slides work on samples is because samples are the only thing that Renoise can fully control regarding manipulation whereas plugins and midi device resort to two options only:either pitch bend or midi CC commands.
An alternative pitch option (on the audio stream output of the plugin) would only work predictable on a mono plugin instrument but with a polyphonic plugin you get side effects. (if you play a chord, you can only slide the whole chord, not just one note or you would have to use three or four instances of the same plugin and affect only one of them with pitching).
Alternative pitching on plugin or midi return streaming would also influence delay compensation and might make live performance unusable.