Xrni Vs. Vsti

Hi guys!

Since my mother language is not English (I’m from Hungary), it’s hard to express myself accurately, but I give it a try.
Is it possible to make XRNI multi-layered? You know what I mean: If I hit the MIDI keyboard softly, it plays, for instance XY.Wav and if I hit it hard it plays YZ.Wav. In practice, for a virtual bass guitar, soft hitting would mean a simple pick, while a hard one would mean a slap.
Please! Make XRNI multi-layered! That would be a great feature, I swear! X-D

I’ve tried out a lot of VSTi and they’re not as good as they meant to be. A sample-based VSTi isn’t better than an XRNI except this multi-layer thing. You have the opportunity to make XRNI a standard like VST:-)

And you know, there is a very big choice in XRNI, because you do not have to install, register/activate it, and does not mess with your PCs registry.
Most of VSTi-s are must be installed, registered etc, blah-blah-blah.

By the way, why can’t I mute a VSTi in Renoise during playback?
And of course…ReNoise rules :yeah:

Hi and welcome to the forum.

multilayering is an highly requested feature. a search for this word in the forum would have shown you that you are not alone in this desire.

this will probably not implemented in renoise 2.0, but quite surely in renoise 2.x

damn i’m so looking forward to that.

Hmm…in that case I’m gonna hibernate myself unitil then :lol: Thanks for the info

an alternative to hibernation could be using a VST sampler such as Kontakt, SFZ or VSampler