Hi , i am New to the forum, & i am new to Renoise, so i guess i have a lot to learn, could someone tell me how to make Xrni,s from using samples please, i have tried some of the Xrni,s that come with the program, they sound quite good, so i would like to try to make my own, thank you :ph34r:

Procedure depends what kind of samples you have and what kind of instrument you are planning to do.
Easiest instruments are drumkits or effect-banks because you don’t need to “tune” them.

All you need to do is that you drag and drop (or load one by one) samples into the sample slots, which
are under instrumet slots on the right. Then go to instrument editor and press “generate drumkit”.
That button tune the samples and assign them to keys automatcly.

If you want to make melodic instrument, you need to know the notes the samples are played.
You can load the samples into their slots as before. Rest is not that difficult but takes some work tho.
Lets, say you have piano samples C-4, F-4 and A#4. If you have C-4 selected, you need to click keys
C-4 to E-4 in the instrument editor to assign that sample to those keys. Then set the selected basenote
to C-4. For the F-4 the procedure is almost the same except that base note will be F-4 and you need
to assign that sample to F-4 to A-4. Hopefully that helps you to figure out hot to do the rest.
If not, you can ask more. :)

Well, that is just the start.
Also set your sample properties to NNA, to create a more dynamic sounding instrument.
After that you go to the envelopes in the instrument editor and start checking the “Volume” checkbox, then arrange your volume envelope to give the instrument some body.
In that add a delay or reverb effect on the track and then tweak the envelopes again to your leisure.

This is the way to start toying around, and you probably get the hang real fast this way.

Hi TMT,Thank you very much for your help, :w00t:

vV , also thank you, to you for adding your little bit, does this mean when i have finished & i save my song or tune , that i have created a “Xrni” thats built into the tune !!! :wacko: