Xrns Blog

Hey guys!

I’m starting up my XRNS blog project. Basically, it’s gonna be support blog for Renoise and general tracking. I’m going to review XRNS/RNS music, reverse engineer tracks, find and/or post well known tips and tricks for trackings, FX optimizing and similar things.

So, if you have a homepage with XRNS files or just a XRNS file and you want to get my review of it, then contact me via email or just post your links/ideas here.

BTW, before publishing your XRNS files make sure you done basic file size optimizations:

  • all the samples are 16-bits
  • mono sounds stored as mono samples
  • long samples stored as *.ogg files in the XRNS

to store your long samples as *.ogg (lossy encoding) you have to decompress your XRNS to a folder, encode the long samples from .wav/.flac to *.ogg, make sure the filenames are the same, delete the originals .wav/.flac, compress the folder back to *.zip and rename the file to *.xrns. Make sure you’ve backuped the source XRNS.

Most quality encoder version files can be found here. Don’t be scare by Japanese. It’s step away from getting official status.

Addition information for the ogg encoder you can find here.

Well, would be good to get at least quality-limited XRNS with rendered VSTi. Of course the music reviewing is still possible, but the XRNS source would be much more useful…

my latest song is an XRNS release

Hehe, yes IT, it would be deadly silly to start up the blog with someone’s else song :)

Cool! This will help us do our monthly round-up of great Renoise music in the new In-Depth production blog section of this site. Thanks Zed, I’ll keep an eye on this :)