Xrns Netradio - Looking For Submissions!

Correction: this radio need a player in Renoise


www.xrns.org appears to be dead :(

Works for me

curious, how are you marketing/promoting the site?

hello everybody,

a little update:

  • more songs added, thanks to all!
  • xrns.org at this time is a place holder for the full site that will eventually appear by magic…
  • didn’t think much about promotion yet…, suggestions are welcome!

I’ll organize some stuff for you soon.

Here you go.

Everything except for the track “Firefly” from delve was made in Renoise.

or the source of it all
http://sunofwisdom.net select what you like.

it’s all pure renoise of course…



^^—These two tracks

and anything downloadable from my soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/daed

Artist name: Daed.

(You know…if you feel like it…)

HOLY SHIT! These are amazing, especially “Interlocked”. I had my player paused instead of stopped when streaming the station, so when I hit play again, the recently played list had already moved past the track info and I accidentally let it play through to the next track so I couldn’t check through my player either. I had to come back to the thread and start listening to submissions to find out what the track was. Glad I found it though. Amazing job man. Seriously.

Also, everything else so far has been badass so far for the most part. Renoise users kick ass.

live NOW: khades playing dub techno mix !

tune in here:



@Sam 'Interlocked" is a peach of a tune! :yeah:

@Silverwings Chillin (and wading through SQL stored procedures… :unsure:) in (unusually sunny) office. Thanks for the heads up!

@khades nice set mate! Can I get a set-list if you have the time/inclination? B)

Born Into Steam

Couple of tracks here, you can grab more if you want at: http://www.earthenrecords.com/mp3page

these are just… awesome!

  • more songs added, daily! (ok, almost daily ;] )

I’ll definitely annoy you once I release an ep.

After a long fight with myself, i decided to be a part of this vanity fair… ^_^
My three proposed submissions (soundcloud, download enabled, 256kbit/s mp3s):

nightly reflux

They’re definitely no pieces of art, just entertaining music with some “90ish” attitude ;)
And concerning mixing: i’m still learning… :unsure:
…so i’m leaving it up to you to decide wether their quality is good enough for the radio or not.
I won’t be offended if you think they’re not… :D

Here’s a new track of mine you can throw up:


All my tracks on SoundCloud is made in Renoise: http://soundcloud.com/chipfucker

xrns radio - now with super fancy unity gain! - well it makes listening even better so… ;]

I am listening to the stream and I have to say that is awesome stuff!!! :guitar:

Great tracks and unfortunatly I’m not worthy… I’m not worthy… I’m not worthy… :(