Xrns Of My Track


i don’t ever read this forum so my apologies if this is posted in the wrong place or way.

but, I recently distributed the xrns of one of my tracks on a couple of forums and someone suggested I post it here too for other Renoise users. It’s 215bpm breakcore stuff in 7/4. So here it is:

Bite My Tongue For Me, Baby

It was a (winning :P, f**** off :P) contest entry. Uses Renoise 1.9+ and VSTs: Cyanide2, OhmBoyz and MobilOhm. You can hear the full track at my myspazz: myspace.com/weyheyheyinnit

peace, all. Renoise is the f****ing shizz :D

First! :) Sweet weyheyhey.

That was me on youtube mate. Keep up the good work.


lol arg, speed 1! good stuff


Good job.

hm well, i cant hear it completely cause i dont own those plugins. can you upload a mp3 aswell ?

I haven’t seen (yet) the xrns but I just came back from your myspace.

Nice breakcore track. Sounds hardcore and a little “glitch”.
Good work.

I have listen to your others tracks, they’re really really good! Congratulations. Really my kind of music :)
I’ll keep your myspace link in my favorites.
(Lethal Bizzle is my favorite but special mention for Jens amaze pianohouse megara).