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Same problem when using the script on a renoise 1.9.1 song file. Does this script work for anyone?

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A version for Renoise 1.9.1 will not be released.
The next version is 2.1.

Setting note offs will be optional per instrument with the next version.
Compatibility with Renoise 2.1 will be implemented too.

Note, I started the project to reorganize my old xm-modules.
So it only supports songs with tracks using one Note column.

Interests are there, so I will start the update these days.

Would be fine if the functionality of the script is part of Renoise.
And I think, the guys could do it in a better way.


OK, I just tried because the first post says:

The described problems were found using the tool on old one column xm’s.

Great to hear. Your work is much appreciated.

Totally agree. With the first statement, don’t know about the last.

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looking forward to the version for renoise 2,1 :D

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Hopefully something similar will emerge for the script engine in 2.6.

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Very useful script!

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It is a very usefull script, but if the script doesn’t incorporate effect columns it might also miss crucial data to copy.
This is possible from within the scripting engine, but i have not seen anyone working on it yet…
At least bump this again when 2.6 turns beta…

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Look here:


And here: