Hi everyone here! I have one big question. I want to ask if it´s possible to export a whole renoise song to an midifile?? i want to take it into cubase! Thank you

Hi Danny,

There is currently no way to export MIDI from Renoise.

Several third party methods exist, though. Choose the one you are most comfortable with:

Thank you for this :wink: But i think it is an good idea to do this ins one of the follow versions! of course there are more renoise users outside with the same wish!


For current version of Renoise 2.5b6 there is no way to export to midi.
Both midi conversion tools existing today are not up-to-date.

Will renoise itself be able to export to midi sometime later?

NRenoiseTools 2.5 is now supporting Renoise 2.5 and should work with midi export.


For the record, the PHP version is also up to date (since april 2010)

On the side, i’m working on a [Lua version](http://code.google.com/p/xrnx/source/browse/trunk#trunk/Tools/ in%20progress /com.renoise.MidiConvert.xrnx). Not done, though.

i just had it fail on me. said note velocity was out of range… bah…

According to your other problem with the VSTi control i guess your settings are kinda fricked up… :panic:

yeah, i don’t know… i just went backwards: i grabbed the old XM version of my module, piped it through the old LifeAmp plugin for WinAmp and it crapped-out a MIDI file and a SoundFont2 file. very handy. the conversion sucks with pitch slides, but those were easy enough to fix up in Record after i imported the MIDI… having the SoundFont export is really cool for quickly setting up instruments in Reason/Record samplers, but it seems to … uh… create multiple copies of the original samples and export them in different sampling rates… very odd… gotta do a lot of clean up with LifeAmp, but it’s never NOT worked for me. it handles MOD and XM (i don’t remember if it supports IT, but that would be nice since i have a bunch of WIP that is in IT format from MOD Plug Tracker… which has poor MIDI export, btw).

I tried this one for the first time this morning.


It seemed to work well.


when i ReWire Renoise to trigger instruments in Reason
i can record the midi, your Cubase should too, no?

(i just Realised that i’m a Re-head
i also own Reaper,
i should look into Reaktor just to
keep the theme going)

you can record the sequencing data of Renoise as MIDI in Reason? i hadn’t thought of this… i have Sonar installed… i should check this out… Dunno if i have ReWire enabled on this system tho without Reason installed on it (using an old junker, ATM).

that’s funny… i often wonder if i’m confusing my friends in email when i mention Renoise and Reason back and forth… i also have Reaktor…

Groggux, how would you setup a ReWire situation to do what you described? i just loaded Renoise as a ReWire slave in Sonar and i don’t seem to get anything but audio exchanged. Does Renoise have to be the master? Sonar can’t be slaved, so i can’t do it that way (i doubt Cubase can be slaved either - maybe i could try slaving Project5 to Renoise… i never use that app, just the sounds/plugs…).

i do believe Renoise has to be the master (w/ Reaper and Reason)
(instrument settings tab/
midi properties/
device; scroll to ReWire channel you want to send to)