XY pad auto movement

Just an idea. The only thing I have ever seen that has the feature I’m talking about is the free VST synth Oatmeal, so I’ll try to describe it. It has a normal XY pad, works exactly how you’d expect it to work, except it has 2 more knobs: rate and radius. It’s like a random LFO, but with XY. When you set the rate, that’s the frequency, and the radius is the radius within which it can jump around it. It then lets you set the center position on the XY by just clicking. If Renoise’s XY had that, you could do all kinds of crazy shit with it with the new instrument editor. Random crossfading of layered pads, subtle random effects changes on drums, whatever. I also think it’d be cool if you weren’t limited to random, if you could also go straight circles and boxes etc too.

Any-who, just an idea.

Circular motion is really just a specific combination of LFO parameters. But if it helps to visualize it, this doofer might come handy:


It’s more complex than it really needs to be, because I wanted to be able to change the direction of movement happy.gif
Hint: creating other shapes (rectangle, etc) would be a question of modifying the X/Y axis LFOs.

Ahhh yeah that is kick ass! Definitely using that in my current project.

Ok it took me a long fucking time to adapt that to what I had in mind because for some reason copy pasting the effects chain inside the doofer into a chain outside of it fucks everything up, like, just random shit was assigned to everything and I had to manually go through each DSP module and fix them. And doofers don’t like to talk to things outside of themselves so in order to set up 4 gainers on 4 samples to crossfade 4 ways I had to get the chain out.

The result? An epic template for my future pads. Thanks Danoise!

Sharing the link in case someone else wants it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qa7rxyra40dnepo/4%20way%20crossfade%20pad.xrni

FX chain 01 has the original doofer
FX chain 02 has the chain that was inside the doofer
FX chain 03-06 have gainers, and 2 hydras to setup 2 crossfades, which I then assigned to the XY Viz in FX chain 02.
Macros are assigned the same as the macro’s from the doofer.

Ah, yes. I should probably have started building it as an FX-chain version…
But thanks for doing the conversion, makes the thing more useful for everyone :D