Yamaha Tenori-on


cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaappp!!! :D :blink:

Just a bunch of images, no examples of what it really can do… Doesn’t tickle my senses, really.

well, the reason for not much info is that their still working on it.
i think it says that on the main link on the picture.

i just dont understand why they would go through the trouble of making another new protocol.

on top of that what the hell are they thinking?
i guess they think that old 8 bit cheesy computer noises and c64 sounds is popular? i guess that fad just blew past me.
there was a remix that bogdan did of a bloodclaat youth tune that was great but why would they think that there would ever be a market for something of this nature?

high-tek version of that-chinese-chessboard-called-alike korg´s chaospad randomizer -> crap

haha, for sure, hear it for yourself on their moldy |-|omepage :D

I read about this a little bit in a magazine recently. I could be remembering it wrong, but I think it can also function as a MIDI input device, so it could be kind of interesting for triggering other things such as synths and samplers.

i think if they were to implement opensound control into it, i would maybe get one if the price was right. But the thing about this is that the protocol to be used will have to be able to be configured with those LEDS or the one knob thingy so i dont see anyway of osc happening at all.

i do know one thing tho. if they started getting ideas from ppl like the ones that post on this forum, they would be making some really nice things.

take just three things into consideration…

the history of technological development
the history of cultural progress
the history of scientific achievements

all of these blended together will look quite simillar all over the world
but regional differences will surely be there… so what one part of the
world doesn’t understand or deem useless another one may find useful…

anyone follow my thoughts here?