Yet Another New Song

My vocals on this particular recording need to be redone, so it’s yet another draft, but I just made the whole thing in about 2 hours–I sort-of sound shaky and unsure kind-of like Neil Young, and the mix of my vocals seems a bit loud at many points, and the “ppp” from saying the letter “p” is apparent at many points. This song is quite different for me–I’m not quite sure what I think of it yet.

At last. The song is completed.…n-of-Truths.mp3

I seem to be posting for a lot of your songs… :)

This one is great! Nice jazzy/lounge feel, like you’re doing it naturally. Probably put a touch of verb on the rhodes. And for the 2nd verse (and the other louder bits toward the end) I’d put a really present snare in there, and then pull back to the jazzy swing for the quiet sections to provide dynamics. Otherwise I like how there are lots of different unfolding parts… Good.