Yet Another..

Theres a chance I might be able to finish all these little jams some time soon…everything is finally working computer-wise

sorry about the low quality, havent downloaded any propper compression programs yet, and its too painful while the net is capped at 3kbps…

Alex… I’m noticing something across all your production. There’s too much rez harshness between 4-5k. You’ve got good ideas, but it’s a bit harsh to listen to.

you’re absolutely right, but the biggest problem here is my cheap sound setup, and I cant afford better at the moment. I need very specific critique from people who are fortunate enough to have good audio, which is one of the main reasons I post here. Thanks alot for your input Foo?, I’ll check out tweaking around that freqency…I trust your judgement as your tips got Ava sounding alot better, if you remember…
I actually came to post a little updated bit, what do you think of the differences before I modify it too much - specifically relating to the rez etc. again…its slightly tweaked on the drums, and there are fairly obvious differences with the pads…

anyway I’m planning on having a bit of a jam with the infamous laurence davies soon to utilise his vast collection of hardware and nice firewire audio interface (all of which is just gathering dust because hes always at work or uni…such a crime!)
hopefully I’ll be able to see for myself…

edit I should also add, both of these and alot of the stuff you might be thinking of are direct recordings from the output of the soundcard after being routed through an amp…there is some unavoidable crappiness that gets added in when this is done, but unfortunately I base most of my production around jamming rather than sequencing. Everything is done by a vibra 128. When I can eventually afford good gear of my own this won’t be a problem I guess…
(coming one day, I’ve got a computer capable of handling it now…)

edit 2
ok theres another version uploading. URL will be here, but give it time to upload…like an hour or something. This time its full quality wav - I want to know for sure if I’m on the right track here. Its not perfect, but you should be able to hear the difference. I noticed the harshness around 4.5ish k when tweaking, but the frequency of the harshness difference is almost indistinguishable to listen to on this end. You’ve really pointed out the disadvantage of using crap hardware and PA speakers. I know it would seem obvious but I’m a slow learner with some things :)

Sweet beats! I like the fact, that you haven’t destroyed them to heavy this time. The background synth maybe needs some work, it comes in to random for my taste and sounds misplaced in parts.

the timing isnt quite right, and there will be a bassline also…give it time.
For now, does the sound of the beat sound ok?

Ok that’s a little better, but still paper-y sounding. Your amp could be the problem, no a guitar amp I hope?

Can I get a copy of the original rns? I could tweak the eq for you to show you what I mean.

Its just a home stereo type amp - dick-smith 80wrms x 2 $140 special…and 15 inch party speakers from jaycar. Its a shitty cheap setup which is good for outdoor parties…and beyond that not much at all…

with regards to RNS - for sure…check back at around 9pm aest though, I’ve got training right after work… I should warn you however that each stage of “improvement” in the sound is another bunch of effects slapped on top of the already overcrowded list… Be prepared to cringe at my DSP chains ;)

EDIT: you got mail… used the address on your website

as it is an idea + very short, I can’t really comment on it :) I did not dislike it tho. Nice experimenting with the beatpattern, clean up the soundquality and post when finished! grtz rico