What’s up!

I tried Renoise yesterday and already love it! The only thing that “bugged” (hehe) me was that it kept crashing and I suspect it’s to do with something in my sample directory. It started with my harddrive crunching away for a really long time when I first tried to access it, and now I seem to be in this loop where renoise crashed with my sample folder open and won’t really start again (endless spinning beachball syndrome as soon as the help pop up appears).
Also it doesn’t seem to remember soundcard and midi settings?
Might be a demo restriction.

But hey…
I love the tracker approach, it’s like a breath of fresh air (Logic Express 6).

With those bugs (?) out of the way I can see myself getting this as a Christmans pressie! B)

I guess I could have posted in Bug Reports, but I’m also a beginner, soo…

Marco :)

edit: Mac OSX 10.3.9 G4 PPC

hi welcome and stuff :) , one thing you could try: sometimes it helps a bit (or a lot!) to defrag your sample folders , i noticed my sample browsing was getting slower and slower and defragging helped a lot. though it might just be some kind of bug, or other thing. i can’t say.

sounds more like a problem with a vst-plugin ?! wait for conner, he is like the official mac-os-helpdesk here. :)


Type Console in Spotlight
Start Console
Click Logs so you can see the side pane
Navigate to ~/Library/Logs
Find the Renoise Crash log and paste it here so we can look at it.

Also, your preferences should save, but I think you have to exit the application. If you exit by “crashing” that doesn’t count.

Yeah, defragging, cleaning your registry, scanning and removing adware and deleting any shit you dont use any more REALLY REALLY helps with things. I have spend several hours doing this last week and it made the world of difference.

Against my instinct, I think that hard disks need a fair bit of free space in them to operate efficiently. My c: drive was packed to the brim and everything was running horribly slow. Cleaned it out and voila, back to fast again!

Thanks people! ;)

I removed all my vst plugs and reinstalled the demo from scratch and hey presto it worked again (Except for the occasional random crash bug selecting samples or having another app/desktop in the foreground during .).
I was wondering if maybe it might not be the fact that my sample directory is pretty much buried in my Logic folder , a la

Users> me > applications > logic > waves > drums > drumkit folder >actual sample

My harddisk is 50 per cent full, should be ok, no malware and funny stuff. (oldish Mac)

Regardless … except for occasional funkiness when dealing with samples and switching between apps while playing , the issues seem to be resolved for now…

Marco :)

Hi Bonteburg,

This should definitely never ever happen, even when trying to load a broken sample or something like this. Could you give us some more details about these crashes?

Does it always crash when selecting a specific sample? Then it would be great if you could send me such a sample (to taktik@renoise…).

About the “foreground thing”: What exactly do you do here to make it crash? Does it always happen? Only when specific apps are in the foreground? Do you simply play back one of the Demo Songs? Which SoundCard are you using?

As Conner said: Could you also send me the Renoise log and crashlog files?
The Renoise.log file can be found at /Users/YOURLOGIN/Library/Logs/Renoise.log.
The Renoise.crash.log at /Users/YOURLOGIN/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/Renoise.crash.log

And this is not normal ;) Never heard of such a thing before, so please let us know as many details as possible so that we can solve this…

hey tactic…

I’ll try and make it crash and send you the log - failing that I’ll just send you the old crash.log.

Marco ;)

OK … so I found out that what I tohught were crashes are actually insanely long load times / hangups. Is this a known issue?
It’s crunching away at getting past the hint-of-the-day window even as I type.
Calling up another application’s GUI during the process is deadly.

Marco :)