Your Cyborg Name

taktik = Transforming Artificial Killing and Thorough Infiltration Knight

phazze = Positronic Humanoid Assembled for Zoology and Zealous Exploration

it-alien = Individual Trained for Assassination, Logical Infiltration and Efficient Nullification

pulsar = Person Used for Logical Sabotage and Accurate Repair

try your own name :)


Some good ones there, seems you are a positively charged version of David Attenborough Phazze :)

L.E.D.G.E.R.: Lifelike Electronic Destruction and Galactic Exploration Replicant

Synthetic Quantum Exploration and Efficient Troubleshooting Zombie

cool B)
he said zombie… lol

Knew the site… and always knew that Parsec is a
Positronic Artificial Repair and Scientific Exploration Construct

I’ve also seen this before…

Digital Biomechanical Youth

…well youth is in the mind ;)

Argh, my nick is too long… :blink:

M.L.O.N.: Mechanical Lifeform Optimized for Nullification


Synthetic Person Engineered for Efficient Destruction, Worldwide Exploration and Logical Learning

YEAH !!!

Zealous Exploration Device

damn credible i’d say…

Forbidden Observation Organism?

General Intelligent Lifeform Limited to Infiltration

Juggernaut Optimized for Hazardous Assassination and Nullification :lol:

there is also monster name decoder on right side of the page :lol:

Taktik is: Treacherous Anthropologist-Kidnapping Townsfolk-Injuring Killer :lol:

C.Y.D.R.O.N.E.: Cybernetic Ytterbium Device Responsible for Observation and Nocturnal Exploration

ALSO Check bugsbunny