Your Favorite Vst`s

Im looking for all kinds of VST plugins.
Maybe you have a favorite when dealing with either synths ,solo`s ,melodies ,drumloops?

I dont want every little VST thing posted here.

Pro stuff only
(If you can call it that…)


I’m into the stuff made by smartelectronix, you need to dig to find the goodies.

Also, the stuff reFX makes is great:

Here are my two most frequently used VSTi’s:

  1. Atmosphere…atmosphere.html
    My description: “Dream Synth Module”. 3 Gigabytes of pads, strings, ambient sounds etc well suited for dreamy music or film scores. ($399)

  2. Real Guitar
    My description: Strumming and instrumental play of of acustic guitars. Great for detail programing in Renoise. ($149)


Interesting synth, sounds electronic, very analogue and warm
Waveshaping Syntheshizer (not ONLY for techno sounds, the presets are great but make Zeta+ sound very limited in its style!)
A great electronic Bass-synth
Pentagon I
ROCK! It comes also with a cool VST effect range you can insert for everything else than Slayer 2.
Slayer 2
Guitar sound that sounds… Real! Receives my personal “most amazing synth award in 2004 for innovation”! :D
Drum machine with a hughe percussion Library as well as synthetic percussion algorithms
LinPlug RM IV
Real Orchestra Sounds
Garritan Personal Orchestra


Ensamble generator
Eqium + Firium
The best reverb using low cpu
Silverspike R2
Golden Compressor | GCO-1
PSP Vintagewarmer - Multi Band Compressor for finalizing mixes
Weird loop/sound effect processor
Multimode Filter Effect

Best verb ever:

I guess there is no need to mention any plugin from Waves?
Only dare to look on their webpage if you’re planning to spent lots of $$ for a plugin (L3 Limiter = USD$600).

these are for free, I use them for 2 years. this site is each time updated (sorry my englisch :)

and try this one: - soviet rare and real synthesizers as VSTi
everyone from eastern block can remember them. :w00t:

Unfotunatly the DL does not work… :(

My favorite vsti (a great drum-synth):

Drumatic 3

That’s strange, because few weeks ago I download them. Possibly it’s a server error… I don’t know is a crap russian hosting, it filter ip’s and limit traffic for non-russian ones, or doesn’t connect to such at all.

and btw, those emulators of soviet synths doesn’t sound like the originals. i own “ritm-2”, and i should say, it’s a simple synth, and it got the energy in the hardware only, it’s pointless to emulate it.

that russian page is hella slow, but it works for me.
seems like they did not filter us fellow germans ;)
however the synths already look like cheap synthedit sludge. of course one should not value the VSTi by their GUI, but if they really are synthedit-made, then it’s usually low quality sound for high CPU usage.
trying to download…

as far as plugin is free to download it shouldnt be much problem :)