Your Xrns And Rns File Amount

I was looking through some old rns files and I decided to find out how many renoise files I have in total, everything from small experiments songs and conceptual stuff to multiple song versions with small and large changes.
Started thinking I might need to install and learn to use SVN!

RNS = 348
XRNS = 407

The actual number of XRNS is 972, but I didn’t count tutorials, demosongs, not my song files and lurking duplicates.

Only counting my own work, I have 417 RNS files and 384 XRNS files. The oldest file (RNS, of course) is from April 2003. There are a handful of files which are different versions/edits of the same track, which you could consider duplicates, but for the most part they’re unique. Almost none of them are finished, haha.


619 XRNS and 0 RNS, not counting any demosongs aso. Oldest was from the summer of 2007.

641 XRNS
325 RNS

wow 645+ (more on my laptop not able to see that now, though that’s not much.) oldest from the date I signed up here…
yeh, i really haven’t got much to do. :P

i have converted all to xrns over time, except one which just doesn’t quite sound right with anything beyond renoise 1.5