Youtube Is Starting To Scare Me :blink:

i watched it, and… omg i totally forgot i was looking for DSP chain-tips on the forum, now im building contraptions in The Incredible Machine, Crazy Machines 1+2 and more of those games :rolleyes:

yeah that is creepy! is that some japanese childrens show or something?

It’s less creepy but more annoying…

ah ive seen these already. but have you seen THIS:?…feature=related

its totally nuts…



these robots will rebel against their programming when they develop consciousness, it will be bloody

The Coltraneator 2: Free Jazz Day

That handfarter is hillarious :D

I’d love to see what would happen if vsnares got his hands on that robot drummer.

I insist that levels like this be included in the next Katamari Damacy!!! :D

Check out 1:25…

…Who killed Bambi?

yeah i had that thought

Aha the Rube Goldberg constructions… there are serious Rube Goldberg contests you know that?

Also Mythbusters caught the Goldberg flu once…:


while on the topic of youtube,has anyone noticed that a ton of vids have been pulled somewhat recently? whats up with that?

Actually, that’s exactly what’s scary about youtube! I mean, stuff like happy slapping videos should be pulled, obviously. But there’s a fine line between uploading images of disturbing content just because someone get’s a kick from it, compared to someone who’s trying to document police brutality or torture. And since youtube is associated with “we’re not evil” Google, they should be able to distinguish between the two, or afford to hire someone’s who’s able to.

Btw, there’s this site, Youtomb, that collects information about banned videos. You can’t actually watch the videos at that site, but it’s an interesting idea nevertheless.