Youtube Rippers

hey chaps, sorry know ive pestered you with this topic before, but the ripper i was using(vixy) has started to bug out and im struggling to find the youtube ripper firefox plug-in…any of you lads know of any good free rippers, for audio and video?

Rather than rely on these other websites to grab the video file from YouTube, I’ve recently been using a javascript bookmarklet which will automatically look for the highest quality version of the clip, then download it for me. You can then store this bit of javascript as a normal bookmark, or as a bookmark button placed in FireFox’s toolbar, so it’s very convenient.

There are a variety of different scripts available, some just for YouTube, some that handle multiple sites, so just do a quick Google search and find one that suits your needs:…lip+bookmarklet

Here’s the code for the one I use just for YouTube:

(Had to use pastebin since the forum doesn’t like to have a lot of code in the post)

Create a new bookmark in FireFox and enter this code into the “Location” field (where you’d normally put a website’s url). Then whenever you are viewing a video on YouTube, simply load the bookmark and it’ll save the video.


awesome, thanks il give it a go :D

VideoDownloadHelper is a Firefox extension which may be of help

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