not a link master…but check it out!!! we use electronic drums and a guitar with midi pickups all played live w/ two instances of renoise synced up. no edits…all LIVE playing.


Nice to hear such a set-up, funky live drumming, but what is the benefit of using 2 instances of Renoise instead of doing it wih one?

…benefits? uhhh…i have my info on one, he has his info on another. makes for a more stable environment by splitting the workload off between two computers. easier to make individual changes to our tones and sounds on our own time. we both have different midi needs and programs and is best to keep them seperate. also keeps load time between songs @ a minimum and allows one of us to start a song before the other in the case of one of us having longer load times…loading a tune w/ 3 instances of superior 2.0 takes a minute. in other words…two people, two computers-just makes sense to us.

nice song!
live playing is great!