Zerreiss Mir Mein Herz

After a long phase of silence I was able to release something new:

grab it from here or from the songpage :)

This song is also a pre-version for a little lyric-production I’m working with a friend of mine for. So I guess I can say this is definatly not the final-edition.

Let me know what you think :)

I like the beat, and what you did with the scratch sounds at the end of a pattern(or is it in the middle?) hehe, it’s great!

Nice hard beat, when the oboe comes in it’s just… wow. Very passionate, even better when the strings set in.

You so gotta let us hear this with lyrics to it (if you don’t mind :rolleyes:)

Have no problem picturing this beat in a modern hip-hop top charts

Keep it up :D

PS: oh oh, just listened to this in headfones, haha, love the way you make it sound “old” kinda (nice filter-usage here) then just fade the filter out to make it sound more full :) really sweet

Wow…impressive quality.
Do you make all your own loops?


actually I used let´s say a “kind of filter” (GruenzligerFx was my friend here) :)
Good to hear that it sounds good for you. It was quite a hell and hard work to set the the values (hum, crackle, eq, etc) in a good linear way for a good fading.

Yeah those scratch sounds. Damn thing… there are still some misplaced…

About the lyrics… they are in german and not yet finished but I hope we´re able to finish and record them in some days/weeks/months/years/century… :P


No loops here (this time). I only used one-shot samples. (burp… some of them [snare+clap] are from BBIII…)

Good to hear that you like my first attempt to such a style :) :) :)

Leave the scratches…in real life they wouldn’t be perfect. ;)

The loops thing - that’s what I mean…I should have said “do you make your own drum sequences”. :rolleyes: :D

lol In that case should I say?: Yes these are own made loops ???

eh?? :P

Congrats The song R.O.C.K.S!

Now you should try to get some good bigname american hiphoper to do the lyrics, why not try to get in touch with one of the big names?
Because that is some really great material.
And with a rapper to match the material this could become a great a hit!

Agree :D

I also agree
And a nice singer should sing some refrain…now that you’re looking for an American rapper… :)

just a little thing: the hum at the end should come with more “white” noise…just in my opinion. Anyway. Great song! Gotta say this.

:lol: thanks guys but I guess I´m still more a dancy/trancy addicted.
This is only a one-shot thing… but… yes I must say somewhere I really enjoyed it to write outer style :)

So I´m now going out to search some nice Trance-Vocalists B)