Zipper Noise / Line-In Device / Eq


I’ve noticed that when I assign the “Amount” of a send device to a fader on my APC40, or if I link a signal follower device to that parameter (for side chaining gain changing purposes) that I’m getting some zipper noise when the value changes. I’ve been getting around this by using the gainer tool instead, but thought I’d report my findings nevertheless…

Something else I’ve found is, when I do a Render Song to Disk, it mutes the output of my Line-In Device and I have to disable and re-enable it again.

I also found a while ago that when I changed a gain value in a native EQ from zero to a weeny amount (ie from 0db to 0.164db at any given frequency) that it definitely sounded like a LOT more than that (a little disconcerting)! But I just tested this again in 2.6 and it seems to have gone away, so I take it this has been fixed :) ??? unless i’m going mad.

(First post on the forum from a very happy registered Renoiser!)

I think this zipping happens when you, for example, try to apply the signalfollower to an automated (volume)track, no? I think currently the volume track in the automation editor when an envelope is present there, overrides the changes made either by twisting a knob, or trying to manipulate the channel volume through a signal follower. Using a gainer indeed solves the problem, but would be nice if we could sidechain an automated channel through some automatic weighting calculated realtime.

Ahh… Well. I know what you mean by this, but I’m definitely not using any automation this time. I’ve had that when playing with filters before. You mean like if something, say cutoff, is automated and then you play with the cutoff control over the top and it meshes with the data in the automation and goes a bit crazy and you get a zipper noise - yes that does happen…

But as I say, I’m not using any automation - it seems to me that the “amount” control on the send device doesn’t move quite so smoothly when it gets adjusted - it doesn’t have a smooth/slower inertia as the gain control on a gain tool or the post fader on a track. Hence when I assign a fader on my APC40 to a send “amount” and fade something up, it’s not as clean as I’d expect. OR if I assign a signal follower to the send amount from a kick for instance and listen carefully, I hear a bit of noise as it adjusts the amount.

The Renoise send system isn’t nearly as efficient as it could be. Renoise is struggling to keep up with so many send operations, and trying to keep up with the latency.
It can’t.
So, naturally, it sound’s like it farting around.

At least, I think so.

P.S. majik magic!