Zonealarm Vs Bittornado?


since I’ve downloaded & installed ‘Zonealarm security suite 6.1’ my bittorrent client, ‘bittornado’ freezes up on downloads from sites like mininova, isohunt. It seems like it works for 5 minutes before, computer fan starts kicking in and cpu usage hits over 50%. I bet this has something to do with my firewall settings, but don’t know how to set this up so my comp. isn’t easily accesible to hackers etc while being able to share from my comp.

Does anyone know what port bittornado uses, and how I can set zonealarm up to allow traffic through this port? (in the ‘program control’ settings I’ve already set bittornado up as ‘trusted’)

any help is greatly appreciated!


I think I’ve found the answer,

I need another firewall :(

I had problems with ZoneAlarm and DC++, so I changed to Sygate Personal Firewall… another freebie

I use Zone Alarm aswell and I have some problems with the internet connection going into some kind of sleep mode if I leave the computer for a while. When I get back I have to wait a minute before the internet connection is back up… I have no idea if its ZA’s fault but I did not have this problem with Sygate… too bad they pulled the plug on that one. Actually Symantec bought Sygate and emediately after canceled the free firewall… <_<

"do you running sp2? "

yep, why?

btw I uninstalled zonalarm & installed the free kerio firewall from sunbelt, and my downloads are reaching record highs! :)