Zoom, Expand Track Function And Correct Notecolumn!

It would be nice to have:
1. Button at the main screen - to show low or high number of tracks visible in one screen (some sort of zooming or expanding)!
2. Correct notecolumn function - all notes in accord play even if you push “delete last notecolumn”

3. Keyboard shortcut for - close all volume and pan columns simultaneously (one more way to increase the number of tracks visible in one screen).
4. Not just big or normal font, but several sizes.

It is very important for me - because I have 1024-768 resolution and only 8 tracks visible in one screen. And when I try to record two tracks with 3notes accords - I see only 7 tracks simultaneously and no master track. It is very hard to scroll right and left each time when you have to look at 16 tracks for example.

Thank you!

to see more tracks at a time, you can set font size:
Edit => Preferences (or LCtrl+,)=> GUI => Pattern Font => Font size => Small

I have Renoise 1.5 because I have no SSE. So I cant use small fonts/
But in any case:
a)normal font is to small for me(
b)it increase number of tracks only with 1 track!!

So, some sort of buttons which minimize the tracks are TOP 1 feature for me.


Can you expand the note columns to 16 ?

And the pattern steps to 1024 or 2048 ?

Indeed, one of my uses of Renoise is capturing audio like a camera who takes 200 images per second.
You see, it’s better than quantization. I make the step to 2 and a fast tempo (160) and Let’s go!
A remarkable precision for real classic music for example. For mistakes, I rapidly correct the notes… better than a piano roll or a midi edition. But, you now understand why 512 is a limitation as the 12 note colums (imagine a Chopin’s Nocture live rec)… even if you just need to create severals 512’s patterns continuously.

To be continued.