Zundey [idm]

heej all,

seems i finished a new tune. i don’t know what happend. :blink:

it’s a sort of chilled out glitchy/idm (yes idm :D ) track with some insane-ish drum elements.
any feedback is appreciated, thanks.


Damn, you need some public hosting… I had to sign in to Soundclick just to get your file. Maybe you want that?


I’m liking the dub aspects here. And certainly the beats are fun enough (do I smell dBlue’s Glitch?). The ring mod stuff at the end cool. Sounds like Magpies.

It seems a little directionless. It needs something of a melody line or some voice samples. At the moment it just floats between beat sections and that jazz-dub stuff.

hee thanks for listening and that you had the nerve to listen to the end as well ;)

yeah the song is bit chaotic and was recorded in realtime on a fuzzy sunday…
perhaps a bit too weird, even for me. anyway… i’m experimenting/learing how to get a live set done and this was the result so far.

i didn’t know you had to be logged into soundclick to download… but you can still stream the tune.

Some nice weirdness in this one, get’s quite chaotic in places though. Loved the dubby parts like Foo, but also miss some more additional elements to keep it more interesting, especially in the second half.

For everyone else: It’s possible to stream from the SoundClick website without registering.

nice and smooth. at some point the sound reminds me of that famous reaktor patch.
a bit frequency-tweaking and cutting would help. but nice minimal track. keep it up!