0 Crossing Snap Question

Why does the slice function snap on a different position than the selected area ?

The scenario…

I want to slice a snare from a loop. So I enable snap function “0 crossing”. I maneuver with my left and right keys, arrive at 0 crossing for the snare.

I zoom to the fullest at say 2398725. I enable slice, but when I slice, it snaps one sample off at 2398726. Then I manually move the slice to 2398725.

Not at all a show stopper for me, just curious if someone could provide some information on its behavior

Is it a stereo sample that the slider perhaps picks the closest available snapping option on either channel?

I just tried it with a mono sample and it does the same thing.

“Snap 0 crossing” with slice enabled will snap one sample above a selection during full zoom. I don’t mean a highlighted selection but just a single point in time.

Anyway, I just disable “snap 0 crossing” to slice it where “snap 0 crossing” originaly was.

It could perhaps be a positioning bug -> it places 0-crossing + 1 where it should just place at 0-crossing, it is just the known developers crux where the start is assumed from either 0 or from 1. But if assumed wrong, then you get these kind of mismatches.