00Xx Arp On Vsts (Typo In Wiki?)

Heya - running Renoise 2.6 - and the 00xx arp doesn’t seem to do anything on VSTs, although the manual says it should be working.


Is this something I’m doing wrong or a typo?

If needed I can post a demo track with a popular free vst.

The manual does not say at all it should be working.

The title above the effects list already says “Sample commands” and to emphasize the usage area, the first line also starts with:

Volume and retrig effects may work though, but specific sample manipulation commands won’t.

Well, I did check the page earlier, and in fairness the text is a bit misleading. Despite the opening line, it specifically says that arpeggio will work with MIDI and plugin instruments.

Apologize to dBlue,
accidently hit the “edit” button instead of “reply” so my reply ended in your writing-space.

My official reply:
Aha, didn’t read further, but then i need some clarification from Taktik.
I can erase the lines, yet those are not my lines so i need to know for sure this is a typo or in case arpeggio’s aren’t affecting a plugin while they should, that this is a bug instead.

But come to think of it, what plugin is behaving like that? is it a monophonic plugin having a portamento/glisando mode on?
I don’t know if plugins with portamento/glisando mode on would be able to respond adequatly to quick note-arpeggio schemes.

I’ve tried it with a number of plug-ins, both monophonic and polyphonic, with and without portamento/glissando, etc., but none of them seem to be responding to the arp command. Even when I set the song all the way down to 1 TPL so that each arp note can clearly be heard on its own, it doesn’t seem to register anything other than the initial note.

Edit: Just tested it with my own custom VSTi that simply outputs an impulse ‘click’ every time it receives a NoteOn event, and I can confirm that it only ever responds to the first note but not the arp command. So it seems like Renoise just isn’t sending the arp note events to the plug-in. Should hopefully be pretty easy to fix this?

Personally speaking, I’ve always taken it for granted that this command didn’t work on plug-in synths, but now that I think about it some more it would be pretty bloody cool if it did!

Simply means that Renoise should send triple notes to the plugin instead of attempting to elevate the sample pitch, because that is probably what it does now.