0900 Suggested Improvement!

Just a simple suggestion here… (sorry if this is somehow possible at the moment)

So, I always go into the sample editor to find the exact point of the 0900 cut I need. As you know, clicking on the sample in any position displays the exact 0900 figure…

Could you make it possible to copy this figure so we can paste it directly onto the track instead of remembering it as typing it in. I tried to highlight this figure with the mouse but it is not possible…




the 09xx concept is possibly to be taken into another directive in the future where xx resembles an exact pinpointed spot in a table rather than a represented offset-block devision of the sample.


Yeah thats cool, but I just wanted to be able to highlight and paste the 09xx value for now!


Yeah that would be ace. I wonder how you would represent this in 09xx though… Would be cool to see!

And then a beat slicer like Recycle included in the sampler with each slice having its 09xx instantly mappable onto the pattern… (Someone tell me that has already been done!)