09Xx Command Live???

when i am playing sampled sounds through a track in renoise live (not recording data, just using to play live w/ efx) is there a way to get the 09xx command to work so that if i have various 09xx commands programmed in a track the sampled sound will play back in the same way as if it were programmed in the track? the 01xx and 02xx pitch commands work fine like this. any help or suggestions are appreciated as this would be an amazing feature to have access to for live players using renoise.

What doesn’t work exactly? Do you mean autoseek?

Well I never knew the 01/02xx commands worked with samples played live.]

Quick experiment shows that 09xx doesn’t. Maybe it would be nice if it did but might be a little harder…

This might be of interest to you. Seems something similar may be scriptable for MIDI Mapping it to knobs (although not predefined in patterns.)


lets say i am playing my midi keyboard through renoise using a sample file.(not to record any data, strictly for live playing) …@ some point i program 0950 (09xx trigger sample slice) into the effect column (filling the effect column from top to bottom w/ the command) …it doesnt seem to effect where the sample gets triggered from unless the note data is programmed into the column. is there a way to make this happen without having notes programmed? if i am playing sample files and have pitch commands and reverse sample commands programmed it effects the sample file played through w/out having to have data programmed. i hope that makes sense.

maybe i do not fully understand, but couldn’t you just use the sample slicer thingy? might be a ‘workaround’ for what you want, a bit more work to play live maybe but the same effect (if i understand what you mean)

I think the problem may be that 09xx only comes into effect when triggering a note. With 02xx and Bx you get your effect when you get to the effect while to sample is already playing.

If you play a note on a line with B0 for reverse it doesn’t play the sample backwards from the end, like it does if you program them on the same line, it plays forwards to the next B0 commands and then plays backwards from there.

If 09xx could be made to work so that putting in commands caused the sample to jump to that position with just the command, no new note played, as long as it was still playing then this would probably be workable for your desired use. This would probably be how I would phrase it as and Idea & Suggestion ;)

@kazakore: yes, i believe you are spot on with that logic there. and i would enjoy that 09xx behavior if it were implemented… hope SOMEONE makes a post in ideas/suggestions (not all at the same time!!)

But you probably wouldn’t enjoy listening to older songs, because they would sound all funny due to liberal use of 09xx

I like the idea, but a proper solution would require Renoise to detect older songs and replace ‘orphaned’ 09xx commands on song load.

really? do you mean there’s people who leave useless commands scattered across their patterns?

Either that or have it an (yet another!) option where you can select the new or old mode. Song structure has already changed a few times and you have a “Upgrade to latest version” in the Song Settings > Player Compatibility Option window. Running this on an older song could just scan and remove anywhere that people haven’t also deleted the 09xx when editing and changes tracks, so shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

…two areas i really would like this for are this…say i am using a drum trigger that always plays note C-4. i assign a long synth sound that ramps up in pitch to the trigger, now if you could program 0900-09ff on that block it would trigger the sample and give the ramp up effect. could also have a kik sample that has, lets say four seperate kiks within that one sample. by using the 09xx command you could tell it which kik to play within the sample. would simply have to put in the proper 09xx command that corelates to the kik within the one sample for the duration of however long you want to trigger any of the kiks. renoise is the ultimate drum brain as it stands…these are just things that will make it even better and allow me to play live in the same exact mindset that i program in.

clarification on getting the ramp up effect-

i would be playing solid 16ths, 8ths, 32nds notes through the duration of the block, not hitting a trigger once and having it catch the 09xx command. so pretty much the same behavior as programming without having to program note date.

…can this thread be moved to the ideas/suggestions category?