09xx Effect With Broken Arrow Keys

About a half a year ago, a friend of mine spilled beer on my computer. I cleaned it out the next day and it still worked fine. The only problem was that the left and right arrow keys didn’t work. I’ve basically learned to work around having no arrow keys on my computer, but I recently got back into Renoise. I can navigate around most places with double clicking, so even though having no arrow keys is a big inconvenience, I can get around it. However, I’m trying to use the 09xx effect. If I double click on the - - - - space where it goes, I can select either the first space or the third one, but as far as I can tell I have no way to select the second space ( - - - - ) to put in the 09xx effect, or any other ones for that matter. Is there any way I can do this? If this is a stupid question, still let me know what I’m doing wrong, please. Thanks!

You could youse the windows keyboard…
When I had xp there was a virtual keyboard program :P

but ehm… why don’t you buy a new keyboard??
or find a friend with an old keyboard? Those things are everywhere.
If I make a few phonecalls I think I can arrange 20 keyboards in 2 minutes for free :P

I forgot to mention, it’s a laptop. Also, it’s a mac.

For free? No, you can only get free replacements in the PC world. In the Mac world everything has a rediculous price. (Except Renoise, well, okay also rediculous, but rediculous low.)


no, you can put any keyboard on a mac.
but since you’re on a mac a virtual keyboard won’t work I think.

You can change the arrow keys in the preferences:
prefs–>keys–>pattern editor–>navigation–>move to next/previous
and assign some other useless keys (if there are any left :P)

I think arrow left/right on a macbook will do with: “nummpad enter” + arrow up/down.
Those keys are next to each other and with some practice it will increase your workflow again. :D

good luck!

This is what I need to know, but I’m on an ibook G4 and I think the preferences to edit are different. I’m looking under keyboard & mouse prefs but I don’t see anything. Thanks a lot though, I’m on the right track now.

You should use the prefs of renoise and not the prefs of osx ;)

This is the reason why you should have an insurance…

I’ve destroyed two keyboards and one mainboard by spilling beer or juice and thanks to that my insurance was worth paying.

But if you can’t get it fixed, it’s propably easy to change the keyboard. Done that for one Lifebook and it only took something like 10 minutes to change it. Don’t know if Apple makes their laptops impossible to open, but I doubt it.

ahhh duh. thanks.

Or simply add a new keyboard via USB…

It’s not easy to replace a keyboard in a macbook :S
But a friend of my brought his macbook to the applestore and they fixed it for I think not more then 30 euro’s.

does using a can of compressed air help? these specific cleaning products can solve such kind of issues

30 euro’s was cheap!

My girlfriends DELL laptop lost tha ALT button. Dell could fix it for 170 €. Inc shipping. We could not just get a new button. suckers.

woohoo that’s a brilliant idea!!!

you should do that!!!

every idea that involves a can of compressed air must be done!!!
:yeah: :yeah:

That does not work for Orange juice… and if your laptop survives Orange juice, you should fold your hands and squeeze them very tightly as orange juice destroys a lot more than only your keyboard…


I have a 2003 iBook G4 14" that has just coincidentally died. I am ripping out the hard drive for external use and binning the rest. Do you want the keyboard? It’s Japanese so it has Japanese AND English characters on it, so it looks pretty cool and it’s totally fine to use. It might need a wipe…

Here’s instructions. Very easy to change:

PM me if you want it and I will mail it to you for nothing.

Also up for grabs is the AirMac Extreme card and a whopping 512mb Ram expansion BOO-YA. Takers?

My previous laptop lost 4 keys. I replaced them all by hand, it’s not a big deal. Improvise! My previous laptop also survived orange juice.

It didn’t survive Krakow, though…

Can of fast air = 10 Euro
New keyboard = 15 Euro.

Uses of compressed air = 100
Uses of new keyboard = 1

I actually cleaned out my whole keyboard the day after he spilled on it. It’s not that the keys are stuck, it’s that pushing them down literally does nothing on the computer :drummer: