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I’ve been trying to use the 09XX command on breaks, but with no luck. When ever i try it sounds just…totally horrible and just thrown together. It’s that i dont really understand besides adding ex: 0912 and other various numbers. So the question i want to ask is…well how exactly do you make it start to sound remotely similar to music

when you look at the sample editor, you will notice a bar that represents time both above and below the sample. if you right click this you have the option to view in 09 effect, beats, samples, or minutes. what you want to do is for example load in a drum groove. next go to the sample editor, switch this to 09 effect, and then analyze the sample. for example you will notice one hit might be the snare, and that lines up with “C0”. what you can then do is go into the pattern editor, enter a note, and also enter the command “09C0”. this will start the sample from that one snare hit. what i do in my music is make sure the loop is synced to the tempo (in instrument settings) and then just type in a rhythmic little beat in the pattern editor, then go through and use the 09 effect on each note to vary where the loop starts, some starting on kick hits, some starting on snare hits.

hopefully this helps…

use offsets 940 980 9C0.
you see this way this way the sample is split into 4 parts.

for example:
900 first kick
940 first snare
980 second kick
9C0 second snare

thanks, but i noticed the break keeps playing after the 09 command, and that just makes it sound crap. is there a way to know to know where to place them in the right place so it doesnt sound choppy, and make it sound like an actual break beat

First off, your source material needs to be cut right, so check in the sample editor if the loop for example starts with a kick and ends at the right spot in time (if not zoom in and cut off waste before the loopstart and/or trim the end).
Now you can sync the loop to bars; for example, set a 1 bar break loop synced to 16 steps in the sample properties of the instr settings. (To keep it simple, this is appropriate for a speed 6, default 64 length pattern)

If you now use the 9XX command, theoretically you should interpolate from 900 to 9FF in 16 steps every time you wish to use this feature of offset manipulation. If you’ll use teh ‘advanced edit’ to automatically fill in the gradual change of values this won’t sound right for 16 steps, the loop will end to quickly when interpolated linearly.

For a simple first 1 bar break loop it should look like this to sound just like the original loop would sound when triggered once:

0 900
(most of the times this is the kick)
1 910
2 920
3 930
4 940 (most of the times this is a snare)
5 950
6 960
7 970
8 980
9 990
10 9A0 (good chance in the good ol techstep beats this be a kick)
11 9B0
12 9C0 (most of the times this is also a snare)
13 9D0
14 9E0
15 9F0

(900, 940, 9A0, 9C0 are good values to remember on the default settings using 16 steps per bar, you can use the other 9XX values to fill in the gaps and add funk)

f**** , explaining such a simple thing in text stinks. Maybe you already knew this and meant something else? :slight_smile:

Also you don’t have to always fill in a complete pattern with notes and use interpolations of the 9XX command on every line in the pattern.

If you have a basic understanding how a beat would look, when programmed in a pattern using different samples, you could just use the offset command to trigger parts out of the loop like, for example:

0 900 - Begin of sample, probably a kick
1 (no events)
2 900 - return of the first kick
3 (no events)
4 940 - start of snare section
5 (no events)
6 (no events)
7 940 - snare section again triggered
8 (no events)
9 940 - a quick snare before the kick
10 900 - kick
11 (no events)
12 940 - last snare section (could also use 9C0 as that snare prolly sounds different in timbre)
13 (no events)
14 (no events)
15 (no events)

you can think of millions of variations. Most importantly I’d advice to learn how breaks would ‘look’ when programmed in a pattern using separate hits first. The placement will variate depending on used bpm/ speed setting combo and patternlength. Start of with understanding the simplest of beats like standard 4 to the floor house beats, then progressively learn the more syncopated break types.

If you start out on speed 6 and stick with that for a while, ‘progressing’ :wink: to speed 3 will mean you have to re-learn the places where to program the hits. Basically doubling the values you’re used too should do the trick. Expanding the pattern in the advanced edit comes in handy for this. f**** I’ll invest in some screen capturing tool.

oh my god, thank you so much! this REALLY helped me alot to understand the 09xx command :D :D :D :D time to go master it.

once again THANK YOU

thats some nice tips.

maybe this could be made a “sticky”?

keep in mind that the 09xx command affects al inserted notes on that line …when you insert multiple 09xx commands on the same line , the last one will be executed

jonas + screencap = friggin awesome tuts :)

me thinks…hehe…