09xx in the new version?

Hey, I’ve been wondering: how do you trigger a sample at a specific location without using the slices? Before it was possible with the 09xx command.

The thing is I’m playing a sample on a different note than the rootnote. At some point in the track I want to trigger that sample at a different moment than the beginning and sample slices don’t seem to work if you don’t play the sample on the C4. That wasn’t much of a problem: I just copied the part of the sample that I wanted to trigger and pasted it into an empty instrument slot - But I’m just wondering if there is something similar to the 09xx command. Cheers

The command got renamed in 2.8, as did other commands. IIRC the old 09 is now 0S.

Mhm, when I tried it the other day it didn’t work. Thanks

Oh, one thing you should know is that IF you have slices in your sample, the 0Sxx will work so that the xx defines the slice number you play from, and it will play at the root pitch always. But if you DON’T have slices, it will work just like the old 09xx-command.

No. Wait. Lemme check this…

OK. Bit more complicated. Not much, but a bit.

-If you don’t have slices, It’s all like with the old 09xx effect.

-If you have slices, you can use the 0Sxx with the root sample note, usually C-4.

-Use it with this and you can trigger slices. (e.g. C-4 0S01 will play the first slice, C-4 0S05 will play the fifth slice and so on.).

-The note ‘trigger’ of a sliced sample instrument will override any 0Sxx -command. So if your root is C-4, D-4 0S01 will still play slice number 2, and not 1 as suggested by the pattern effect command. (See below)

Your post is correct up until this point.

If you use 0Sxx on a slice trigger note, it will divide that slice into 256, and play the xxth division.

Wow, thanks! Never knew that. :guitar:
(And testing this, it obviously slipped my ears, because I used offsets of 01 , 02 and such…)