09xx Madness...

haven’t had this much fun with beat smashing in a while:


straight programming, no vst’s, no postproduction.

A little chaosy in 2nd part, but indeed - very nice 09xx madness ! Congrats :)
May you upload archived .rns file for educational use plz ?

Cool stuff. I love the juxtaposition of the very “slight” and “innocent” melodies and atmospherics with the beat. I love the rhythm changeup at 3:00!


very cool stuff.
a bit of post-production mix tweaking will easily get this in my favourites list ;)

Should add this to “Example.xrns” in the next version of Renoise.


ok, i was going to drop the sample rate before uploading it, but i suppose (since it’s only 4megs anyway) i’ll just upload the full version later on today.

it’ll prolly come in 2 rns files since one of the breaks was coded, rendered and then sliced up a second time in the track.

i’ll post the tracks when i get home from work :ph34r:

thanks for all the kudos! :D

here you go:

still tweaking it a bit. this is the version in the mp3.


You could pack the samples in the song with ogg vorbis, then I would not have to download another quicktime pack :)

Nice work, great song :)

i don’t understand why you need a quicktime pack :huh:

the reason i included the other file was so that people could see how the break that’s getting cut up was programmed. it is for educational use after all :P

Actually, it’s my connection’s fault, I just thought I’ve used some mp3 packed samples inside your xrns, but it seems I was wrong. But anyway, I like the track, and it’s great when people share their experience.

Nice stuff!

very nice. to short though… i actually spammed it in exitement. :)

thanks! :)

i’ve actually added a couple more lines to it. it looks like it’s going to be part of an album i’m working on and, it will likely be extended a pattern or two as the record is going to get produced as a continuous mix.

I hope you’re xrns will be still online when Renoise 1.8rc1 is out, I could start my xrns review blog from your track :)