Hallo! I need help for 09xx slicing method! Someone can explain me that? :P

there are two tutorial songs for 09xx:
Tutorial - Beat slicing.xrns
Tutorial - Sample offset.xrns

they are both saved in your Renoise installation folder’s “Songs” subfolder.

anyway, the 09xx command tells Renoise where to start the playing of a sample: the command divides the sample into 256 logical blocks, thus you can choose the block from where to start setting the proper xx value, which range is from 00 to FF:

some examples:
0900 - start from beginning of sample (same as normal)
0940 - starts from 1/4th of the sample
0980 - starts from 1/2th of the sample
09C0 - starts from 3/4th of the sample

detailed description: here

great explanation! thank you very much!!!