0bxx 09xx

I’m trying to use 0B00 with 09XX and it doesn’t work. What’s the correct syntax to play sample reversed from a certain point within the sample? or perhaps I have to chop?
thank you

Works just fine here.

Exactly what values are you using for each command?

Keep in mind that during normal playback, 0920, for example, would play the sample at 20 “points” in from the start of the sample. When using 0B00 and 0920 together, it would play the sample 20 points from the end of the sample.

If the sample was not looped, and you used 0B00 09FE, the sample would play a short amount and then stop almost immediately, rather than play in reverse from near the end of the sample as you might expect.

One other thing to keep in mind, if you’re using a sample offset sweep such as:


Don’t forget to include the 0B00 command in every step:

0B00 0900
0B00 0901
0B00 0902



using 0b00 with 0935 on the tom

Got it, forgot I had to reverse my brain hahah thank you for helping me out.lol