0Bxx usage with phrases in pattern editor?

I want to reverse a sample in the pattern editor thats triggered by a phrase. How can I do this? Reverse doesn’t seem to be working when phrases are used in the pattern editor?

You’ll need to do that within the phrase. Backwards command on phrases only plays the the phrase backwards.

I guess I’ll have to use a plugin to do it. Shame it’s not possible for the pattern to be accessed via the pattern editor when using phrases in this way.

No plugin (FX) can do that (playing a sample instantly in reverse), but as said above, you can do that within phrases too.
If you give us a few more details on what exactly you are trying to achieve, we may be able to give you a few more concrete hints here.

You also, always, can render down stuff in the pattern editor and then play in backwards.

I have, say, the amen break reprogrammed as a loop in phrases, and I am retriggering it in parts throughout the pattern editor. I want to, say, reverse the snare or something mid-phrase, which would be totally possible if I had been reprogramming the loop in pieces via the pattern editor, but doesn’t seem possible when using phrases, I meant I could do a delayed reverse with something like Glitch. I guess the only option is to put the note I want to reverse back in via the pattern editor and reverse that, but it really would be useful to be able to reverse whatever sanple is playing currently in the triggered phrase without having to reprogram phrases.

Or just make a copy of the phrase in which you want the reversed sample or other edits and save it as a new phrase after making the edit, each instrument can have over 200 phrases or some pretty high number*. Then the challenge can become keeping track of which phrase is which so you’re not always having to hunt through them, but that’s where naming comes in I guess

*Edit: 126 phrases. Still, that’s a lot.