0db Mark On The Volume Slider...

Hi, just a thought (I cant remember if I have said this before…)

Would it be possible to put a mark on the main horizontal master volume slider to denote the position of 0db?

I know you can just go into the mixer to do this, but I thought it would be handy to have a guide to where 0db is on the big horizontal slider next to the panic buton… Just a little mark would be fine. if not, I might have to make a scratch on my laptop screen. Haha


No one else bothered by this?


maybe a keycombination to see the value like in the automation.

I don’t think any reason why I have to know where the 0db is in the master volume. because while rendering ‘in my eyes and ears’
getting it loud as possible is the only thing that counts.

The only thing that I would add to this is the fact that you maybe want to master the song in wavelab or something.
then a headroom of 3 db is minimally needed to make adjustments.

you should be able to set the max db to the auto adjust fuction.

I don’t use that slider anymore… actually imho it could be removed completely.

Yeah I just thought about this and you are right.

Get rid of it.