0exy - Sample Retrigger

Hi. I’m new to Renoise but also new to trackers. I’m wondering, why would you use the 0Exy effect command, rather than just retriggering the sample using a note?

You use the retrigger command when you want to do it faster than once per row.

Ah right, like old skool snare rushes and so on?

yes, the effect is exactly that

How about implemeting a multiretrigger like in It?

i’m not sure what you mean , but i have noticed that IT’s retrigger behaves a little differently than renoise’s.

c-5 01 -- 0e03  
--- -- -- 0e03  
--- -- -- 0e03  
--- -- -- 0e03  

in renoise this code triggers the start of the sample 2ice. the subsequent calls to the retrigger instruction move the trigger point forward gradually. in IT the same trigger point would be used for all. the get this behavior in renoise you have to put in a ‘c-5 01’ for each one.

also, if you put a pitch slide on this code renoise plays each row at a consistent pitch and slides them down on a row by row basis. Impulse Tracker did it tick by tick (which is an awesome drill-n-bass effect I still can’t quite reproduce in renoise).

what is multiretrigger?

I don’t believe this problem is related to the trigger point, but rather the volume. I have posted about it in the bug section here: http://www.renoise.com/board/index.php?showtopic=11711

thanks, dude - as far as I can remember, you hat the normal Retrigger using the same Command as fasttracker and the E command for the multitrigger which aopreated at higher resoultion and of cause wit full NNA.