0X00 Command Results In A Small Click, Expected Nothing

a bug with 0X00 command.

when i play this song file, i hear the instrument ‘click’ before it mutes the note. should it not be silent?

when it loops back to play the note, it is silent. it only happens when the note is played from the first line of the pattern.

song file: 0X00 bug.xrns

thanks x

can anyone else confirm?

yeah, i guess the “stop” isn’t processed until after the note on event. so some voltage hits your speakers. maybe all effect commands work this way, i have never really thought about it. setting volume to zero works as expected though.


0x00 is not “mute” but stop all currently playing notes and effects. If you don’t want that click, simply combine with the 0L00 command or set the volume-column value of the note to 00.
Renoise seems to need 180 samples before the 0x00 effect really kicks in, where the 0L00 is directly applied, so i guess 0x00 was not designed to be applied on songplay or it is a side-effect of a fix where the first notes aren’t being played when Renoise is triggered to render.

Perhaps it is a bug, but imho not a big one.