when will it be released ? (wasnt it promised for last week) ?

and I have another very important request : finetune command for the effectrow. I really need this for drumprogramming. please please please make it happen.

it’s because everyone is still demanding for new features to be added to 1.21 that it has not been released yet :)

Indeed, I was thinking about posting a call for “new features stop”, to let taktik release this 1.21, which fixes some bugs that a lot of people find irritating.

Anyway, he promised to include FXP/FXB import in 1.21, so I’m happily waiting :P

but I will be seriously pissed if they release 1.21 without finetune … :D
just joking, but it would be really great and shouldnt be too hard to do.

let us exchange some tracking tips:
do you use finetune for varying drums sounds (expecially snares) a bit?

I never used it in a satisfacting way, actually.

I preferred using the same old 9xx (sample offset), toether with Lxx (envelope offset on FT2, but there is nomore on ReNoise :huh: )

good things grow slowly - I think … if piano roll and the skin-tech features the next renoise-version (see the W.I.P page) … thats v1.3 isn’t it?!
will 1.21 be released??? … nobody knows except the developers …

different pitches for snares never satisfied me neither.

i find it sometimes works good for me to slightly eq the mids different on different hits.

changing the attack via 9xx what it-alien said, together with tiny eq boosting (maybe even with high-shelf eq) also can be nice to make strong hits sound stronger, not only louder.

1.21 with lots of small fixes and enhancements will be released soon (no, I wont tell you a date:) ).
As usual I changed/added too much stuff which delayed the planned release. I would also like to have another “registered users betarelease”, to be sure that all known problems are fixed.

further, major features like piano roll and skins are plan for 1.3 final. don’t expect those in 1.21 that would be too much really.

Has the crash bug that happens with Groove Settings been fixed? (please)

yes, of course.

Um, do we know whether or not the VST windows will allow keyboard input in the 1.21 release? I can’t fine tune a sample in kontakt so I’ve stopped using Renoise until its fixed ;)

it will (already works here).

That is excellent… The bug/new feature turnaround with Renoise is pretty amazing…

congatulations again…