1.25 final is out

finally …

This time it took more betas and a longer time as expected, but we dont wanted to release till all known fixable problems are fixed.

Thanks to all the users who have send us beta bug reports and helped us making Renoise as stable as possible !

Here is what’s changed since the 1.2 release :


  • Optimizations for AMD processors (using 3D Now!) and Pentium CPU’s
    (using SSE)

  • MIDI Remote Mapper: Assign your external MIDI controllers to any
    effect slider in Renoise. In record mode the values are recorded
    into the automation, otherwise they simply change current value of
    the slider.
    Relative controllers send relative changes instead of absolute ones
    which is great because you have no jumps when learning a parameter
    and controlling it for the first time. Unfortunately there is no
    realstandard for this message type, therefore we’ve added the most
    common ones so that you have the possibility to adjust this manually
    if needed. Take a look into the manual for more details.

  • GUI is now resizable. Set your favorite full screen resolution in
    the Configs/GUI tab or simply resize the window in windowed mode.

  • The bar width of the spectrum view can now be adjusted by pressing
    the “width” buttons

  • Finally, support for 24-bit desktop color depths

  • MPC style recording feature: When you enable the pre-hear switch in
    the instrument box you can play and record samples with the Num Pad
    keys. Default keyboard shortcut for toggling the pre-hear on/off is
    “,” on the Num Pad

  • You can choose the default audio processing buffer size for effects
    and instruments in the Configs/Audio tab: Using lower values will
    allow you (especially with ASIO) lower audio latencies: Use at least
    your audio latency/2 as process buffer size when using ASIO to get
    more stable and click free output. Smaller process buffer will
    produce more CPU overhead, so you should just try out settings that
    are the best for your configuration. We recommend the setting of 128
    samples for ASIO and the setting of 512 samples for the Direct Sound.

  • Added a pulse waveform to the instrument LFO-s

  • Fix: User presets of the instrument and track envelopes are restored
    properly now

  • Fix: Renoise crashed on some machines when minimizing full screen
    mode and restoring it afterwards again by clicking on the taskbar

  • Fix: Lowered ASIO latency (forgot to remove some test code : )

Internal Effects :

  • Added a “Gate” device to the internal effects section

  • Added a new much better Compressor/Limiter to internal Track-
    Effects. The old one is no longer available in the device list but
    will be instantiated when loading old song documents.

  • Added “DC Offset” to internal Track-Effects. Supports manual and
    automatic DC adjustments.

  • Added a “*LFO Device”: Automatic control of any effect parameter via
    an LFO

  • Added a panning slider to the “Gainer” device

  • Dithering is again an option in the master track’s “Track DSP” tab

  • Tracks which use a “*Send Device” and have the “mute source” option
    enabled are visualized in the scopes now before they are muted.

  • Fix: Some sliders didn’t respond quickly while moving them (for
    example Reverb/Room Size)

  • Fix: Delay and flanger are no longer saving their status depending
    on the current sample rate -> they should sound exactly the same on
    all sample rates


  • Renoise sends and receives MMC (MIDI Machine Code) commands now

  • Fix: Pitch bend and CC Messages were recorded wrong

  • Fix: Play current line works now also with MIDI instruments

  • Fix: Bank and program numbers of MIDI instruments are no longer
    shown in hex but decimal


  • More stable VSTi handling (fixed a big FPU problem)

  • Added possibility to import of FXP and FXB files in the external VST
    editor window

  • VST Instruments are now also played in the “working” player mode

  • VST Time Info checks the number of ticks and BPM quantization error

  • VST FX parameters bigger than F (maximum parameter number in the
    pattern that you can automate) can now be automated via the track

  • VST editor windows: You can now enter values using the keyboard when
    the editor window is focused and the new “enable keyboard” checkbox
    is enabled

  • Fix: Sometimes Renoise got minimized after closing a VST editor


  • The “Note Off” key can now be set up in the Keyboard Mappings
    default is the Caps lock key

  • A new “Smart Note Off” key was added, which removes
    extra noteoffs between the line it’s inserted and to the first
    found noteon in each direction. Default is LShift+Caps lock

  • Added keyboard shortcuts for Mute and Solo:
    Default for Mute: Backslash (# on German keyboards, next to the
    Return key)
    Default for Solo: Left Shift + Backslash

  • Added new shortcut: “Play From Cursor”, default mapping is the
    “Win menu key” (the key between right CTRL and right shift)

  • Added keyboard shortcut for capture instrument (LSHIFT + Enter).
    Capture instrument will select the instrument of the currently
    selected note as a new instrument in the instrument box

  • Keyboard shortcuts for the message boxes:
    ‘y’ -> Yes
    ‘n’ -> No
    ‘c’ -> Cancel

  • Changed/added default keyboard shortcuts:
    ‘CTRL + P’ -> Paste block continuously
    ‘CTRL + Shift + Left’ - Decrease number of note or effect columns
    ‘CTRL + Shift + Right’ - Increase number of note or effect columns
    ‘CTRL + Shift + V’ - Toggle view of volume col. in the current track
    ‘CTRL + Shift + P’ - Toggle view of panning col. in the current track
    ‘CTRL + Shift + Ins’ - Insert new row only in current effect/note column
    ‘CTRL + Shift + Del’ - Delete current row only in current effect/note column

  • Hold down Left CTRL to zoom the sample view with the mouse wheel

  • CTRL right click on a note selects the instrument that is being used
    by the note


  • Maximum number of lines per pattern is now 512 instead of 255 : )

  • After releasing shift when entering notes in chord mode (hold down
    left shift while entering notes) the song position will advance by
    “edit step” and jump back to the note column where you started the
    chord (simply try it : )

  • Second parameter for the 0x04 effect (slicer)
    04xy - x is now the sliced volume (0 = silent, F = full volume),

  • y is the tick where the slicing will begin
  • Renoise now retriggers a note if it has a pitch slide but was cut or
    sustained before by “Note Off”. For example:

C-6 01 40 0000
OFF … 0000
C-5 01 … 0515

In the old version, this would slide from the sustained note C-6 to
the new note C-5. Now the slide command is ignored and will trigger
the C-5 note instead (changed this for compatibility with IT and XM)

  • Changed “Note Off” handling for monophonic VSTi-s and MIDI instruments:

C-4 01 … — …
— 01 … D-4 … -> Will glide to D4
E-4 01 … OFF … -> Was gliding in < v1.2. Now, not gliding but triggering E-4

-> Note Offs are now always sent before the Note On-s when in the same row!

  • Fix: Small looped samples sounded detuned in higher octaves

  • Fix: Insert line worked only for lines less or equal than 0x80

  • Fix: Expand/Shrink in Advanced Edit works again now

  • Fix: A note without an instrument number will no longer restore the
    channel volume and panning

  • Fix: Some GFX card showed trash when the pattern was bigger than 80


  • Effect chains can now be imported and exported: Imported by loading
    them through the browser, exported in the advanced edit tab

  • Imported 32-bit WAV samples are correctly scaled now

  • Added support for 24-bit WAV samples

  • Muted Tracks are no longer rendered when rendering the individual

  • Fix: IT module import: fixed wrong import of Note Offs. Sustain of
    the instrument envelopes is now also converted.

  • Fix: Rendering to WAV skipped the first line of the first pattern

  • Fix: International characters (i.e. accented vowels) in the XML
    files are stored and loaded correctly now.

in behalf of the whole Renoise team :

Thanks alot, that is really an amazing number of changes… B)

registered users got it few hours before unregistered ones…
anyway, this is now fixed, and within few days all mirrors will be updated.

thanx for the final to the developers - and really thanx for smart-noteoff!

but a little bug … or a maybe not a real bug …

but a bad handling with smart-noteoff:

it’s not possible to hold lshift+caps and smart note-off will repeated until releasing the keys ---- like entering notes or noteoff (and at all why note off repeat on caps-hold???)

nevertheless - thanx for smart note-off ;)

Taktik & Phazze! This - is - amazing!

Really big-doublesized-maxi-super thanks for the three things
a ) Smart noteoff!
b ) That noteoff button can be changed now!
c ) Resizeable fullscreen mode (I have 17" TFT and its default resolution 1280*1024)

Im still unregistered ( AARgh don’t kill me guys! ) but I will register. Sooner. Not later! :) very sooner.

…but where’s pianoroll? I thought it’s going to be in this version too?
Heck, I don’t need it anyway :) Just curious!

Smart Note-Off rocks… like the rest of Renoise :D Thank you guys for doing the best audio-software around!! Every release is like x-mas :)

I just registered a few days ago.
Because I want to thank you guys for doing this super music program and make sure you keep on developing it.
And I´m glad I registered.

If you want them to continue developing maybe even speeding up the development and are serious about making music. Register :) You wont regret it.

Ok, hope you get rich one day :)

wait for what? if you like it now, get it now you don’t lose anything. it will get only better and you have upgrades included :rolleyes:

This version is really great, it makes me really considering registering renoise.

I don’t really need wave-output/asio right now so it’d be mostly to show my support.

I’m really looking forward to midi in, pianoroll, improved disk op, improved pattern arranger. That’s all this feature-greedy tracker needs to be trully happy (concerning tracking-software that is)…

Keep up the good work :D

no no no, dont add too much! it is not so easy to see, when there is too much in the GUI etc. Till now the software is brilliant, so dont add too much, keep it easy

if its well done it’s possible to keep the GUI nice and clean while adding more features. We are not cubase where you add a new window for each new functionality ;)

Monk :

I didnt know of this problem; all other Vsti’s are correctly imported so this is either a bug of the VSTi or a compatibility problem with Renoise. I will check this.

All :
I can only fix known problems (yes, its that easy : ) . If you find any problems, make sure that you drop me a line and the problems will be fixed in the next release.

Just a note about these “If you add this I will register” discussions :
Renoise offers already now more possibilities than other trackers. Of course there will be always features that you personally miss, but think about how it was in FTII times where you could not do anything to push new features. Now you have the possibility and use it to say that you will only support us if you get all that you ever dreamed of. I think thats not really fair.
Just a developer note. Dont take it too serious :)

And of course you’re free to not download newer versions if you like the current one better :)
But seriously, pianoroll will only add one button next to “patterneditor” if you never use it. Midi import/export will never get in your way when working. Improved discop will be designed to be easier and faster to use, not the opposite. Patternarranger might change some things, but all in all it will not make it more difficult to work fast and easy. Quite the opposite. So why this complaining about new features? I just don’t get it. :unsure:

If it supports midi and registers itself in windows with a midi driver, any midi capable program like renoise can play it. You’ll have to look at the manual or specs of the specific device for questions like this.