1, 4 & 8 Keys Available For Shortcuts

Currently you can use the A, F and K keys as one key shortcuts as they sit between the black notes on the keyboard.

Keys 1, 4 and 8 also sit between the black notes but these are blocked off, stating used for “Pattern Input.”

A and F are within the hexadecimal range and as such have always been as much in use for Pattern Input as 0-9.

Now the A key is even assigned as default as a second Note Off.

Why are the numbers considered more important to block off than the letters? Especially no Pattern Effects have gone alphanumeric.

Please unlock use of 1, 4 and 8 for keyboard shortcut assignment.

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makes sense

I’d rather none of the keys were blocked off at all. I don’t use the “virtual keyboard” functionality, so it would be convenient to be able to use the keys for other things.

A Disable Computer Keyboard Piano Mode is a good idea but I think it would have to be a separate mode and as such different to this idea. It is one I support and has been suggested but as a not so minor tweak not sure I’d consider it a 2.8 Beta suggestion…

Half-keyboard mode (bottom two rows of letters only) may be another viable mode as well. Keeping the F-keys and the two rows below them all available for assigning yet still having access to note entry from the computer keyboard.

I fully agree with you Kazakore, it would be wonderful to be able to assign 4 and 8 and 1.
In ImpulseTracker, the number ‘4’ would play current track’s current row and advance by edit_step. the number ‘8’ would play the whole pattern’s current row, and advance by editstep.
I guess 1 could be used for either vol=00 or NoteOff, either way, would be nice to have access to these.

Would be handy with the new native and non native features.

i could map ‘1’ to my “toggle patternfollow + edit_mode + pattern_editor display on/off” and start using F1 for a pattern efx cheatsheet popup! :)