1.5 Final Is Here

No wait… it’s not.


youuuu… :angry:

… could have at least written everything in capitals :rolleyes:

aw man!
you got me!

i was like this—> :w00t: :dribble: :w00t: :panic: :yeah:

now im like this :eek: :unsure:

the BonusNinja was not amused!

as if 1.5 can be any better than 1.5RC2…RC2 is there best release yet

i guess one could argue about that.
i still encounter some unattractive issues with RC2…

The best release YET. Which always leaves something to thrive to.

Yep. It’s a damnd great release, I have no problems with it myself, but it’s not final for a reason I guess… Keith’s statement proves that.

for me , a least on the vst/vsti support level 1.5RC2 feels pretty beta (on OSX)…

I heard 1.5 final is not too far away… :rolleyes:

Then let us know of this please.

Sometimes I have some problems selecting the very end of a wave to make a fade out, for example. There will always a little part be left which will follow after the selection. Once I zoom into the wave to select the last part which is still unselected, I cannot even enhance my selection. Seemes like the last sample of the wave will stay unselected.
Anyone experienced the same?
I haven’t posted this as a bug yet because I’m not very sure right now.

Just tested it and you’re right. But I’ve never experienced this as a problem when doing fadeouts. In fact, it seems that the last not selected piece also gets faded out. Maybe it’s not beeing played or the last sample is shown twice or something…?

1.5 final preview demo is well improved over RC2. Among other things, Virtual Guitarrist hangs RC2 completely when changing banks, while the final version handles perfect. There is a good thread about discussing the bugs of 1.5 FPD (which is the latest version) here:


oh, i already did.
and you actually already fixed it, but the fixed (registered) version is not available

for the record:


No it’s not…yet… but i would however register very… very… very… quickly if you want to enjoy 1.5 final for the current old price.