1.5 Rc3 Or 1.5 Final?

Hi all,

I just wanna know what the dev team will do: RC3 or final and push the rest of the “bugs” to the normal bug forums.


do you continue to solve ALL the bugs or not?

Wether it will be RC3 or Final:discovered bugs will be removed also after the Final has been released. (with discovered is not guaranteed these will be ALL bugs so it’s not the definate goal to remove ALL of them, just the most and most critical ones)

what’s up in the dev team? … any news about the final … i know it’s done when it’s done but … IS IT DONE!? :D

Either way, if they take their time it’s not really an issue. If they take longer then it will mean a better release. Besides, you can still crank out amazing tunes with RC2. I’, having lots of fun at the moment: just discovered the dspchain save function! I know that’s been there for ages, but just goes to show you not all users are 100% on the ball eating up every single feature/bugfix. The depth and width of the software is amazing, and has enhanced my composing 3x over the last year.

Thanks devs (hehe). Patience makes devine intervention seem all the more special. Having heaven on tap makes you loose the taste :)

Heh, nice one!

thanks vincent for your info.