+1 Button in Forums

I’ve tweaked the CSS a bit. Hopefully the likes are now popping out more to your satisfaction? :slight_smile:

Yeah, looks great! Now I’m sold on the feature and feel dumb for trolling this thread. Good job.

Ah, so it was Mr dblue who +1’d my PadSynth tweak.

Ah, and you liked my Renoise wav command line pattern splitting under Linux.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Well even Ledger liked my hacked together MiniRoll ‘tool’. Better go and upvote his ‘object oriented’ groove controller lua script to even things up :smiley:

I officially like this post! :slight_smile:

I feel the tweaked “like”-system is neat, but the green pops out a bit too strongly. At least when reading the forum on my tablet, the list of names stands out overly prominent.

I go on Smashboards a lot and the like system works well there. Interestingly, it then turns out that some people are fare more like-happy than others.

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