1 Cheesecore + 1 Chiptuner


top song in the playlist named ‘2 wip’, click to stream. It’s 2 short work in progress tracks I’ve been working on for the last couple of days. Words are appreciated :)



heee! this was good (listened all you virb tracks), about the wip’s, liked the first one a lot… got a bit of that funckarma feel which i love a lot. pls msg me when you got that one finished.

I dig the first one quite a bit; although is it just me or is the beat less mangled than your usual style? =)

works well as it is though…

the pads are very braindance-like. i likem.
nice flow. theres a nice analogish feeling provided by the heavy detuning on the leads and the synthetic drum-sounds. enjoyed and appreciated your track. thanks.

Love the chiptune - proper funky with a menacing bass riff - nice :)

As for the other one, even better! Reminds me a lot of tracks from Orbital’s ‘middle of nowhere’ album. And that can’t be bad :) The complex melodies & rythms within those carry the tune along nicely, no need for detailed beatwork there imo (although I guess you never know until you try)

Thank you’s for the words :) I’m currently doubling up the resolution in the first bit, to program the synths like I do the beats, so they follow each other in ‘complexity’…which in combination with automation of vst, I’m trying to gradually increase to crazy-cracker standards.

2-wip is good stuff, but pretty much everything you make is awesome, i’m waiting for the day you make something I don’t like. I like the pitchy melodic elements in this one. Also, I’m a sucker for the sounds of the oldschool chip.