1 Hour.

I haven’t made anything in a while.
Most of you don’t know me, I made topics earlier though.
I’m not a pro at music nor do I know music theory.

I make these tunes for fun.

Today I woke up with the idea of making 1 hour tracks, meaning 1 hour is the production limit.
After 1 hour I have to quit, I have to prepare to make an ending for the track.

Here is what I’ve come up with:

I just made this on impulse, no thoughts or anything, just on feeling.

I hope you like it, I’d like to hear some opinions and feedback if you have some.

Thanks for listening.

1hour is real nice i like piano :) taass tass uuu :) is little strange :) but overal i like it ;)

Thanks, it probably sounds strange cause I never learned anything about music.
I hope it sound strange in a good way.
I make what makes me happy, and this worked for today.
I might make a 1 hour track again tomorrow.
Probably again with piano, cause I like that, it makes me feel good.

I hope it makes other people feel good, thats what its all about, it doesn’t have a meaning beyond that.

I like music with a bit of mystery in it, and a good vibe.

I’m currently on anti-depressants, it doesn’t work that well though.

The best medicine for me has been, being creative, and playing classic games (I’m currently playing hexen :P)